Gray was developed in the late 1990s in the pursuit of improving the quality and aerodynamics of carbon racing wheels. The name was in honor of my late uncle, Clifford Gray. He was an inspiration and instrumental to my 15 year stint as a professional cyclist and triathlete. Growing up, I didn’t lack motivation nor training volume, but I was short on money and opportunity. I needed help getting to the races that would later provide the results needed to make a living at the sport. My uncle supported me when I needed it most and he would fly out to see me race around the world. He was there for me. Gray is a brand built around that guiding principle of “being there for you”. For this reason, we aim to offer the best products, the best service and the best warranty in cycling.

In the late 1990s, I ran into an old friend from the 7/11 cycling team, who had established himself in Taiwan producing nearly every major cycling brands carbon wheels and bikes. He offered to help me develop and engineer new and better products based on our joint experience with high performance cycling. At that time, most brands were not engaging their sponsored athletes in product development. We quickly found ways to improve on both design, materials, aerodynamics and engineering of wheels. For years we provided other brands with products and production.

Today, Gray Cycling is on a passionate journey to make you a better rider by offering cycling technology that is both original and innovative. Everything we make is crafted using the highest quality materials available and then tested to extremes to ensure that when you install it on your bike, you instantly notice the difference in performance.