Our Commitment to YOU

I take great pride in designing each of our products with the goal of providing the highest performance possible in the price range of that product. I use only the highest quality materials, the latest assembly technologies and quality control techniques to ensure the reliability and long life of my products.

My reputation rests on our steadfast pursuit of this policy and your complete satisfaction. At Gray Cycling, we are committed to investing in research that continually gives rise to new technologies for improving performance. 

When you purchase any product from Gray Cycling, I encourage you to compare it, as I do, to competitive products for high performance. I believe that this process will enhance your appreciation of the products you select.

-Stefan Laursen, Designer and Owner.


The GRAY Cycling Guarantee

GRAY Cycling products are built to last. Our products are fully warranted against any defect or fault that is a direct result of manufacture, material or workmanship for a period of 3 years! At our discretion we will repair or replace any item that is deemed faulty. We do not cover defects due to misuse, improper care or general wear and tear.


Carbon Crash Replacement Policy

Assessing any damage done to a carbon fiber part requires more experience than is needed to inspect metal parts. If you crash or impact your bike and the force of the impact is absorbed by a carbon part, we strongly encourage you to replace the part, even if there are no indications of damage. If such a crash or impact occurs, GRAY offers a crash replacement program for carbon parts, substantially reducing any replacement cost. To take advantage of this program, contact us and ask for the department.