Sleek, aerodynamic design with an engineering focus are hallmarks of all Grey products. Our attention to the dynamics of airflow reveal themselves on every surface of our products. Wind tunnel tested against the best the world has to offer, you can rest assured you will never be under equipped for the task when you are riding Gray. From the lowest coefficient helmets to superb aerodynamic carbon rims, Gray means the difference between competing and winning.



Gray Cycling is a pioneer in carbon composite manufacturing, having been a developer of carbon frames and components long before carbon fiber became part of the popular lexicon. In other words, we we're carbon fiber before carbon fiber was cool. You can't replace the accumulated knowledge that comes from direct experience. We apply that knowledge towards engineering that goes beyond lightness. Strength, ride quality, durability - These are the qualities that put Gray ahead of the pack.



 Gray wheels spin impossibly long and smooth - that's what Gray wheels are made of. The difference is ceramic. Hardness, lightness, and lifelong smoothness make Gray hubs and wheels the simple choice when getting the most from every pedal stroke matters.Ceramic doesn't just deliver on race day. Superb resistance to wear means trouble free service wether you are competing or training on a daily basis. Our spokes are triple butted for strength and bladed for aerodynamic efficiency.



Gray Cycling is obsessed with quality control. Our manufacturing standards enable us to make products we feel proud about selling to our fellow cyclists. Our confidence is backed up by the best warranty in the market. As part of our ISO certified quality assurance system, every wheel is assigned a unique ID as it goes thru the production process so we can track every variable along the way. We're determined to make flawless products for the most demanding riders.